[Friday Series] Aishah bint Abi Bakr- Part 6: The End is only the Beginning…..

Aishah(RA) marriage to the Prophet ﷺ  was probably the most incredible love stories I have ever heard. I cannot even begin to cover all the aspects of it even if I wrote about her every day for months. I am always hearing new hadith about their relationship. We have talked about the death of the Prophet ﷺ  in Fatima’s (RA) story but hearing it from the perspective of Aishah (RA) is even more incredible and you cant help but cry. The Prophet ﷺ  treated all of his wives equally as is required by Islam, however, he could not control how his heart felt, as he was after all a human being like any other man, and his heart felt more love for Aishah (RA) than anyone else.


The Prophet ﷺ  was 63 and had fallen ill. Whenever he went to a house of one his wives, he would ask, where am I going tomorrow, hoping for it to be Aishah’s (RA) house.  One night, when it was Maymoona’s (RA) turn, he asked to speak to all the wives at once. When they gathered, he said, “Do you all give me permission to stay at Aishah’s (RA) house? I am ill and cannot move around from house to house.” They all said yes.

As the Prophet ﷺ  got their consent, he tried to get up to walk to Aishah’s (RA) house but he was too ill. So Ali and Fadl ibn Abbas each took a shoulder and carried him to Aishah’s (RA) house. Aishah (RA) relates that he was sweating profusely and saying, “There is none worthy of worship but Allah. Verily, death has pains.”

Aishah (RA) took his hand and used it to gently wipe the sweat from his face. They asked her, “Why are you using his hand, why don’t you use yours?” Aishah (RA) replied, “Because his hands are more blessed and sweet than mine.”

During his final moments, Aishah’s (RA) brother Abdurrahman had come in holding a siwak (what they used to clean teeth). The Prophet ﷺ  couldn’t speak but looked longingly at it and Aishah (RA) understood that he wanted to brush his teeth to meet his Lord with a clean mouth. She took the siwak from her brother and gave it to the Prophet ﷺ . However, he was too weak and the siwak was too rough for his mouth. So Aishah (RA) took the siwak and chewed on it and softened it in her mouth and she brushed his teeth for him. “My saliva was mixed with his saliva at the end of his life and it was Allah’s blessing on me that the last thing that went into his mouth was my saliva,” said Aishah (RA).

At this point, the Prophet ﷺ  asked everyone to leave the room. It was only he and Aishah (RA) in his final moments, just the two of them to say goodbye, with him nestled in her arms with his head on her chest. Aishah (RA) heard him say, “Wa Alaikum Assalam Wa RahmatuAllah.” Angel Gabriel was in the room. “The Angel of Death asks your permission to enter, and he has not and will not seek anyone’s permission after you,” said Angel Gabriel to the Prophet ﷺ . So the Prophet ﷺ  gave his permission and the Angel of Death entered with “Assalamu Alaikum oh Messenger of Allah.” “Wa Alaikum Assalam,” Aishah (RA) heard the Prophet ﷺ  reply. ”Allah has sent me to give you the option of living in this world among your people forever or dying and going to your Lord,” said the Angel of Death. (I have heard two accounts of this story. One was this one, that he received these options as he was dying and the other was that Angel Gabriel gave him these options some time before he was dying.) The Prophet ﷺ replied to him, “Toward the best friend, toward the best friend.” He chose death to be with Allah.  So the Angel of Death stood by his head and said to him, as he will say to us all, “Oh dear soul, the soul of Mohammed ﷺ  ibn Abdullah, depart to the content (acceptance) of Allah, to Allah who is content and not angry.”

Aishah (RA) felt the head of her beloved husband suddenly become heavy in her arms as she realized that he had passed away. The young Aishah (RA) did not know what to do, she was so overwhelmed. Aishah’s (RA) house had two doors, one that led to outside and one that opened to the Mosque. The door that opened to the Mosque was used only by the Prophet ﷺ  and no one else came in or out through that door except him. The Muslims were all gathered in the Mosque anxious to hear about the Prophet’s ﷺ condition. All of a sudden they saw the door to Aishah’s (RA) house open and for a split second there was hope, but then they saw that it was Aishah (RA) standing in the doorway. “The Prophet ﷺ  had died! The Prophet ﷺ  has died!” she cried.

The mosque erupted in panic and tears and out his emotion and denial, Umar cried, “I will cut off the head of anyone with my sword who says the Prophet ﷺ  is dead!!” Aishah’s (RA) father Abu Bakr rushed into her house to see if it was true. He held the Prophet’s ﷺ  head in his arms and cried.

Imam Thanbi said that the Prophet ﷺ  said that a prophet’s soul leaves its body in the place that he likes best. Not only did he die in her arms, but he was also buried in her house. Um Salamah said of Aishah (RA) and the Prophet’s ﷺ  relationship, “She was the most beloved person to the Prophet ﷺ  with the exception of her father.” Anas ibn Malik relates, “The first love story in Islam was that of Aishah (RA) and the Prophet ﷺ .” (Anas is from Madinah and he never witnessed the love story of Khadejah and the Prophet ﷺ -but his words are true).

Rahmatu Allahi Alaik ya Rasool Allah.


*When I was doing research for this story, I was listening to Amr Khalid make an incredible point. The Prophet ﷺ  did not die praying or reading Quran or any other act of worship. He died in the arms of the woman that he loved so much. Imagine the honor that Islam gives to women, imagine how much Islam gives to love. Why we misunderstand the status of  women in our time is something that still doesn’t make sense to me. The Prophet ﷺ  held the women in his life on such a high pedestal and some of the greatest honors in history were given to them. Our history is not like the history of Europe and Western countries where women only recently started getting their rights after fighting for them. We were given our rights on a golden platter 1400 years ago. It is only from Western influence that we have gone backwards in time to the thinking that existed before Islam.

*Subhannallah, even the Prophet ﷺ  had pains in his death. Where are we next to him?

*I always imagine what it would have been like if the Prophet ﷺ  had chosen to stay and be with us. I remember the first time I heard that he had the option I couldn’t get over how different our lives would have been had we had him among us. Subhannallah it is our test to live without him. Alhamdulah we have the Quran, his hadith and these stories to guide us.

*Before I started writing about Aishah (RA), I thought my love for her and the Prophet ﷺ  was at the pinnacle and that I couldn’t love them anymore than I already do. But with every post my love for them grows and grows. Subhannallah. May Allah grant us a place with them in Paradise Inshallah.

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