razan alsous

[Now] Razan AlSous, Entrepreneur/ Cheese Maker-Yorkshire, England

     | 1. Tell us about your background I graduated from a medical institute and majored in laboratory science in Syria. I worked in marketing and later left to Abu Dhabi on a scholarship to Paris Sorbonne University where I studied languages, civilizations and economy. After meeting my husband, I moved back to Syria and … Continue reading

faitma jibrell

[Now] Fatima Jibrell, Environmentalist-Somalia

   |1. Give us an idea about your background.  I am now 65 years old, but I have always been some kind of activist. In my country I went to school during the British time and it was by shear chance and the struggles of my mother that I was lucky enough to go to … Continue reading

zainab bint mohammed2

[Then] Zainab bint Mohammed

When I first read the story of Zainab bint Mohammed ﷺ it appeared to me like a movie. The story is so full of suspense, action, romance it would really make a great script. ……………………………………………………… Zainab was born into a happy home. She was the daughter of the most noble man, Mohammed ﷺ, and his noble … Continue reading

fatima bint asad2

[Then] Fatima bint Asad

  Fatima bint Asad was the wife of the Prophet’s ﷺ uncle Abu Talib and the mother of Jafar ibn Abi Talib and Ali ibn Abi Talib. She also had two other sons, Aqeel ibn Abi Talib and Talib ibn Abi Talib.  When the Prophet’s ﷺ mother died, Abu Talib and Fatima bint Asad raised him in … Continue reading

noha al shugairi

[Now] Noha AlShugairi, Marriage and Family Therapist- Newport Beach, California, USA

           | 1. How did you get started in this field?  Honestly, it feels like it was meant to be but it did take me a long time to get where I am today. As a fresh graduate from high school, I was thinking about going into psychology because I loved to … Continue reading


[Now] Kulsoom Abdullah, PhD/ Weightlifter and Crossfitter- Atlanta, Georgia, USA

   |1. When did you begin weightlifting professionally and what lead you to it? I started Taekwondo in graduate school.  I generally wanted to be stronger so I did what I could in the gym on my campus.  Close to graduation and after, I stopped Taekwondo.  I found out about Olympic Lifts (snatch and clean … Continue reading

fatima al samarqandi2

[Then] Fatima bint Mohammed ibn Ahmad Al Samarqandi-Jurist, Scholar, Muhaddithah

  We have discussed many muhaddithat so far on this blog, so today I want to take it a bit further and tell you about Fatima bint Mohammed ibn Ahmad Al Samarqandi, who was not only a muhadithah and a great scholar but she was also a jurist and used to issue fatwa (religious edicts … Continue reading


[Article] The Impact of Our Civilization

  In this blog, I bring in the past with the present because when we learn about who we were as a society and our impact on history, it can help us understand our present and mold our future. Today, instead of talking about a woman from the past, I am going to summarize some … Continue reading


[Now] Woroud Sawalha, Olympic Runner- Aseera Al Shamalia, Palestine: Part 2

 | 1. What is the greatest memory you have of your time at the Olympics? The greatest memory I have wass during the closing ceremony when I got to carry the Palestinian flag and lead our group. I also really liked the pictures.      | 2. When did you meet the rest of the … Continue reading

um sulaim bint milhan2

[Then] Um Sulaim bint Milhan

Um Sulaim bint Milhan is the mother of Anas ibn Malik and the sister of Um Haram bint Milhan. She is Ansari (from Madinah) and embraced Islam early. Her husband, Malik ibn Nadr, however did not convert and tried his very best to make her change her beliefs. This caused constant arguments between the two … Continue reading


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